Reflecting on the Oregon Coast

I am a realistic oil painter of the Oregon coast using a modified classical technique with expressionism undertones. The first sunrise I experienced on the Oregon coast I felt called to paint it. In particular, I wanted to render the splendor of the reflective wet sand. At first I was drawn to the reflections of the sky. A natural  progression  was to add reflections of the geological features of the coast. They even became more of a main focus. As this series developed I started to paint in sets. 

Atmospheric Gallery

Realistic oil paintings of the Oregon coast’s reflections of the sky in particular the clouds and light.

Geological Gallery


Seascape paintings where the main reflections are of the interesting land and rock formations on the Oregon coast.

Trilogies Gallery 

This gallery is paintings in sets of three. Each painting gives a different perspective of a scene on the Oregon coast. They are meant to go together but can stand alone. 


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