realistic seascape oil paintings of Oregon Coast

I awake in the dark of the morning energized and excited. I get up and quickly prepare to step outside to enjoy the sunrise.  As I step out of the warm dark room, I step into the reflections of the dawn clouds on wet sand. I am reconnected to the artist within. I wasn’t expecting such discovery but it turned out to be a life changing trip. As a result, I have developed a body of work depicting reflections on the Oregon coast.


 realistic seascape oil painting of woman walking on Oregon coast

The reflective wet sands on the Oregon coast create the illusion of walking through heaven in the clouds. I feel surrounded by God’s presence, tiny yet loved and embraced by overwhelming peace. In that moment becoming one with heaven and earth binding my spiritual-self and artistic-self. It was then that I renewed my artistic inspiration and direction.

Answering the Call

 realistic seascape oil painting of reflection of pink clouds

In that moment I was renewed as an artist. I discovered my calling, inspiration and motivation. Although I do not live at the coast, I am driven to paint it. Thus, the birth of “Reflecting on the Oregon Coast” began.

Oil Paintings

“Reflecting on the Oregon Coast” is my current series of realistic seascape oil paintings. What makes my seascapes standout is the main focus being the reflections on the vast wet sand of the Oregon coast. I emphasis the reflections through composition. The viewer sees more sky below on the sand than above through the reflections capturing the massiveness of the scene.

Painting Style

My style is realistic with undertones of impressionism. Furthermore, I paint using a modified classical technique. In addition, I use juxtapositions, as an example I use serene contrasted by bold and dramatic. As a result, this brings strength to the beauty and an ethereal quality to my paintings.

Bonnie McDermott’s retains all rights and maintains the copyright to all of her work.

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