Bonnie Brown McDermott artwork consists mainly of oil paintings, charcoal drawings, and color pencil drawings. Go to “artwork portfolio” to view it. Also she is a photographer and her work can be seen in her “photography portfolio.”

About Her Work

Recently she studied the classical techniques of the old masters with Cheryl Kline and her latest work reflects this style. In the future, you can expect to see more plein air painting because she is taking her studio on the road while RVing throughout the US. She will use her home base studio to paint large artwork. Her latest series she is combining portraits with landscapes. Also she will turn some of her plein air paintings into large works of art. Her photography is made up of nature photos.


All the work on this site is Bonnie Brown McDermott’s original artwork and photography. She retains all rights to her work and maintains the copyright to all of her work include work which is sold.

Can I Share Her Work on Social Media?

Yes. You are permitted to share her work on social media but you must give her credit “Artwork byBonnie Brown McDermott”

If you are interested in using her work for any reason other than specified above please contact her to receive permission.

Is Her Work for Sale?

Yes.Bonnie’s original original artwork and photography is for sale. If interested please email her info@bonniemcdermott.com.

Does She Do Commission Work?

Yes if it fit her style. If you are interested in commissioning her for a work of art please feel free to contact her to discuss the possibilities.

Want to see more?

If you would like to visit her studio, review her portfolio, or arrange to see her work in person please feel free to contact her.


Follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bonniemcdermottstudios.