Bonnie Brown McDermott is an oil painter.

About Her Work

Her current series is titled “Reflecting on the Oregon Coast.” Most importantly to note about her artwork is her unique perspective to seascape paintings.  First, she focuses on reflections. In particular the reflections on the wet sand of the sky. Her style is realistic with undertones of impressionism. In addition, her style uses juxtapositions such as soft and serene contrasted by bold and dramatic.  As a result, the paintings have an ethereal quality.


Bonnie Brown McDermott’s retains all rights and maintains the copyright to all of her work.

Can I Share Her Work on Social Media?

Yes. You are permitted to share her work on social media. However, you must give her credit “Artwork by Bonnie Brown McDermott”

If you are interested in using her work for any reason other than specified above please contact her to receive permission.

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