Early Years

As long as I can remember I have loved art. One of my earlies memories is sitting on the top of my bunk bed in our geodesic dome drawing a horse’s head. One of my older sister’s friend was encouraging me to be an artist.

Oil Paintings

After my first trip to the Oregon coast I started a series of realistic seascape oil paintings. My seascapes benefit from my photography background with my main focus being reflections on the vast wet sand. In my paintings I endeavored to capture the feelings of my first sunrise standing on the shoreline. I was overflowing with tranquility yet excitement. It truly was a spiritual experience where I felt so tiny in the grandeur of God’s creation yet filled with His love and peace. My seascapes paintings depict the ethereal beauty of the Oregon coast. I endeavor to capture the mood and sensory effect of the scene. Also, my work renders the light of dawn and dusk combined with the vibrancy of the Pacific Northwest. I really love to use juxtapositions in my paintings. I commonly use juxtaposition of serenity contrasted by boldness and drama. Also, I often use high contrast of light and dark as well as complementary colors. The use of juxtapositions brings strength to the beauty and an ethereal quality to the painting. Plus enhancing the mood, sensory effects and luminosity of the scene.

Painting Style

My realistic style brings out the sensory effect as if you could sink your feet into the sand. However, the reflections on the wet sand bring an abstract quality. When rendering the light, I strive to create a glow that infuses the entire scene. I strive to leave no brush stokes but occasionally I like to have areas with some. I work to balance my desire to capture natural colors with surreal colors. I use a combined palette of classical and bright colors to achieve the vibrancy of the Oregon Coast and create my realistic style with a contemporary flair.

Professional History

2009 – 2013: I was a professional photographer and teacher.

2014: I turned back to my love of painting and started to explore various  styles and subject matter.

2015: The most devastating blow was losing my studio to a fire.

2016: I decided to continue my education in painting. I took classical painting classes for two years at Kline Academy of Fine Art from Cheryl Kline. In addition, I explored painting still lives, portraits and landscapes to find my niche. Similarly, I explored various mediums. Also, I experimented with Plein-air (painting outside), Studio painting, Alla Prima (wet on wet), and Classical techniques. Resulting in a combination developing my own unique style.

2018: My first visit to the Oregon coast which started my current series “Reflecting on the Oregon Coast.”


1990      BA in Art, California State University, Long Beach, CA
1987      AA in Art, Cerro Coso Community College, Ridgecrest, CA